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Fall 2023 Science Clubs: A Look Back in Time with Evolutionary Biology, Archaeology, and Data Analysis

Updated: Jan 30

We recently wrapped up our Fall 2023 Science Clubs, Dig Into the Past: Evolutionary Biology, Archaeology, and Data Analysis. Over the course of eight weeks, 625 participants–a 25% increase from Fall 2022 and a record number of families impacted–explored topics like fossil discovery, ancient languages, and biological adaptation. Led by 150 volunteer mentors, participants dug into activities and experiments like making amber fossil slime, building paper suspension bridges, and a collective favorite, dissecting owl pellets!

This semester’s curriculum brought tons of excitement and engagement to our participants. The wide range of topics and connections to the real world allowed our young archaeologists to not only understand the material but enjoy clubs and discover how the curriculum plays into other disciplines as well. One SCFG parent recounts, 

“My daughter looks forward to Science Club every week and is sad when the semester is over. She has some issues with attention and focus in school, but her science teacher says that it is not apparent in science class and that she is quicker than her classmates at grasping and demonstrating science concepts. I am so pleased that her participation in SCFG for the past 3 years has supported her interest in science so well that the subject defies her inattention challenge and has turned science into a self-esteem boosting academic strength.”-SCFG Parent/Guardian

STEM is all around us and showing our K-12 participants that leads them to a better understanding of the world. With the hands-on support of our mentors, these sessions in our Clubs instill great confidence in their ability to indulge in STEM topics and envision themselves making an impact on the world and the future through science, technology, engineering, and math. 

Our mission at Science Club for Girls is to foster excitement, confidence, and literacy in STEM for the girls and gender-expansive youth we serve, and one mentor’s favorite memory from this semester embodies just that,

“My favorite memory was seeing a student, who previously had self-esteem issues, show immense enthusiasm and pride when she engineered a hanging bridge that could support a ton of weight. At the end of the semester, she was adamant that she could see herself in a scientific career and seemed to be happier and more confident.” -Victoria Madigan, SCFG Mentor for K-2 

With 80% of participants and 55% of mentors coming from underrepresented backgrounds in STEM, it is so important to spark this change amongst demographics that are otherwise not prioritized in school systems and the workforce. The nurturing, supportive environment of Science Clubs invites participants to develop and strengthen critical thinking, curiosity, and leadership, which supersedes STEM education and careers, applying to all fields and to daily life.

Because of our involved families, dedicated mentors, committed staff, and generous funders and supporters, SCFG is able to provide impactful programming for the next generation of STEM leaders. Our participants may be learning and growing, but their attitudes inspire those around them. Returning mentor Ximena Salas, reflects,

“I always enjoy mentoring because while I do teach the kids, I also learn so much from them! It never ceases to amaze me how much they know and their energy and curiosity is so contagious and makes me so hopeful for the future of STEM.”

THANK YOU to all of our supporters, funders, participants, Junior Mentors, packing partners, collaborating schools, and parents and caregivers for making another successful semester. We are so excited for our upcoming Spring 2024 Science Clubs, Vacation Week Programming, and Summer Rocketry Program!

Stay tuned to our social media and e-newsletter for more insight into programming and information about our 2024 Annual Catalyst Awards Ceremony! 

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