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Meet Olivia: Junior Mentor and SCFGLive! Intern

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Olivia L. is a rising 12th grader who has been involved with Science Club for Girls since she was in kindergarten. She currently serves as a Junior Mentor, helping teach younger participants in our weekly Science Clubs, and as an intern with SCFGLive!, our tremendously successful science TV show. Olivia reflects on SCFG’s steady presence in her life:

"I constantly found myself being a part of SCFG as I grew up. It was when I was a STEMinista [in middle school] that I consciously realized I was capable and interested in pursuing science! I wanted to continue to be a part of this amazing community and contribute as a Junior Mentor. It's also why I'm incredibly thankful to have the chance to work as an intern for SCFGLive!”

Over the past year Olivia has worked closely with the SCFGLive! team to produce 20+ episodes of SCFGLive! She has been an invaluable member of our team, particularly as SCFGLive! has continued to grow in both its scope and reach. Since the show’s inception at the start of the pandemic in April 2020, SCFGLive! has had more than 165,000 views—a conservative estimate given the limitations on our ability to quantify viewership!

During her internship, Olivia has created graphics, edited video content, reviewed scripts, and helped compile the myriad elements that go into each episode. We are thrilled that Olivia is returning to this internship position for four more months! Program Manager and SCFGLive! Producer, Hannah Buchsbaum, recently exclaimed: “Olivia is an absolutely incredible member of the SCFGLive! team!!!”

Reflecting on the first year of her internship experience, Olivia shares: "My chance to work with Science Club for Girls was one of the most important experiences for me. Whenever I was working on an episode of SCFGLive!, I could imagine my part of the undeniable impact that the episode would soon have on young audiences. It was inspiring that what was in front of me was so clear in its significance, and that I was a part of an amazing team so clear in its intention. I gained a lot of knowledge in design and teamwork during this internship, but most importantly, I gained the feeling of deliberately working on a project that is meaningful, with mentors I admire.”

We admire you too, Olivia! We are so happy to have more time with you as a member of our team!

Olivia on SCFGLive! Olivia when she started with SCFG!

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