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700 STEM Supply Kits Packed & Ready for Fall Science Clubs!

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

One of the key ingredients in Science Club for Girls’ recipe for highly successful STEM programming is hands-on learning. In both virtual and in-person clubs, participants use carefully curated materials to test their hypotheses, experiment, build, explore, and of course…get a little messy!

In preparation for the fall semester, sixteen Packing Partners helped pack more than 6,000 bags that make up 700 STEM supply kits that all participants and mentors will receive. Each kit contains a bag of supplies for every week of our 8-week Science Clubs, helping make the clubs effective, impactful, and FUN!

Our bi-annual Packing Project is no small feat, but thanks to our generous Packing Partners—who provide a donation plus teams of volunteers to assemble the kits—every participant and mentor will receive an exciting array of STEM supplies that promote hands-on participation and a sense of belonging in STEM.

A huge shout out to this fall’s Packing Partners who we couldn't have done this without!!

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