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Congratulations, Junior Mentors!

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

This month we are proud to celebrate the accomplishments of our graduating Junior Mentors, who serve as influential leaders and role models for our younger scientists.

Please join us in congratulating and thanking Crystal, Anna, Minh, and Heather!

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Crystal joined Science Club for Girls as a 3rd grader and has since progressed through our K-5, STEMinistas, and Junior Mentor program. Crystal brought her passion for STEM, positive energy and joy to every club session.

Anna has been a Junior Mentor for our middle school STEMinistas program in Cambridge. Throughout her time at Science Club, Anna has grown into an amazing teacher and mentor. She always took the time to break down complex concepts, like RNA synthesis, in ways that all of her participants could understand.

Minh has been a Junior Mentor at the Amigos School for the last two years. Minh has developed into a leader within her science club, guiding her group through meaningful scientific exploration and discussion. We are so proud of the work Minh has done and cannot wait to see what her future holds.

Heather, a Junior Mentor for the past 3 years, also participated on our Rocket Team in 9th grade. Throughout her time at SCFG, Heather developed a passion for Engineering, seeing how it can be used to create a better world, and plans on majoring in Engineering in college. We are so proud of Heather and cannot wait to see where Engineering takes her!

Crystal, Anna, Minh, and Heather -- we are so proud of you and all that you have accomplished at SCFG! We will miss you, but know you will do amazing things in the future. Congratulations!

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