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SCFG Participated in the Internationally Renowned MIT Puzzle Hunt

Over MLK Jr. Weekend, more than two dozen girls and their families from SCFG participated in the prestigious MIT Puzzle Hunt. The annual Hunt, which attracts intellectuals from around the world and can last several days, involves solving hundreds of puzzles to find a coin hidden on MIT’s campus. As part of a commitment to service for the MLK holiday, the organizers of the Hunt included members of SCFG in the puzzle-solving.

The SCFG girls joined the fun with each girl teaming up with a group of adults to create a Foldscope, a cardstock microscope that can be constructed by hand in under an hour. Within minutes, the girls were engaging with their teams to build these tools. The groups then used the Foldscopes to study slides that held a clue to the next part of the Hunt.

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