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SCFG’s Executive Director Featured on WBZ’s New England Weekend!

Nichole Davis of WBZ and iheartmedia interviewed SCFG’s Executive Director, Bonnie Bertolaet, on her podcast New England Weekend, which aired September 18 and 19 on WXKS-AM Talk 1200, WBZ NewsRadio 1030, WRKO AM 680, WXKS-AM Talk 1200, WBWL 101.7, and WZLX 100.7.

During the interview, Bonnie and Nichole cover a lot of ground, from SCFG’s history and mission, to why our unique program model is needed now more now than ever, to SCFG’s creation of highly effective virtual programming in response to the pandemic and the remarkable success of our TV show, SCFGLive!

Missed the live interview? Listen here.

The interview begins at 14 minutes/20 seconds (14:20). You can also listen anytime on Spotify, iTunes, the iHeartRadio app, or Google Podcasts.

Bonnie shared, “For 27 years, SCFG has been addressing gender and racial inequities in STEM. We have been increasing opportunities for girls from diverse backgrounds through our programs, which are more relevant today than ever before. We address issues concerning the achievement gap for girls and women of color in STEM, which has only widened during the pandemic. We address the shortage of oh-so-needed STEM workers. We address the underrepresentation of women of color and low-income women in STEM. And, we address the fact that STEM jobs are good paying jobs and provide pathways out of poverty that can have generational effects on families.”

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