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Science Club for Girls Featured on Comcast Newsmakers

Science Club for Girls was recently featured on Comcast Newsmakers…twice!

In the first interview, SCFG’s Executive Director, Dr. Bonnie Bertolaet and former participant and mentor, Tiye Williamson, discuss the importance of engaging and supporting girls and women in STEM, as well as the ways SCFG has impacted Tiye––who was involved with SCFG for 14 years––starting in the 4th grade––and is now in college and planning to apply to medical school in the future.

Reflecting on her own trajectory, Tiye shares, "Science Club is definitely making girls more comfortable to even answer questions in class and be more comfortable to pursue and explore different STEM opportunities."

Click the image below to watch Bonnie and Tiye's interview.

In the second interview, Alejandra Carvajal, Chair of SCFG’s Board of Directors, talks about her passion for SCFG’s mission and why it is so critical to address the lack of diversity in the STEM workforce.

Alejandra says, "The lack of diversity in the STEM workforce is truly and substantively a problem. Whether you care about the gender inequities or not, it really does mean that we're not bringing all of our best and brightest together to solve the globe's greatest challenges."

Click the image below to watch Alejandra's interview.

About Comcast Newsmakers: Comcast Newsmakers is the longest-running news and public affairs platform of any cable operator in the country. Centrally focused on issue-based conversations, Comcast Newsmakers welcomes regional and national trailblazers to discuss ideas, assess community challenges and progress, and inspire meaningful action.

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