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STEM Supply Kits Packed & Distributed for Spring Science Clubs

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

High-quality, carefully curated STEM supply kits are one of the ingredients in Science Club

for Girls' recipe for success. We know that participatory and experiential STEM learning is essential to creating a positive experience for the K-12 students in our programs.

Our robust STEM supply kits contain all of the supplies necessary for our 8-week Science Clubs, enabling hands-on participation and helping make our Science Clubs effective, impactful, and FUN!

Putting together these STEM supply kits for 500 participants and 100 mentors is no small feat! It would be impossible without the support and assistance of our generous Packing Partners who cover the cost of supplies and gather teams of volunteers to assemble the kits.

Thank you to our Spring 2023 Packing Partners:

Participants and mentors picking up their kits:

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