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Symphony for Science a Smashing Success!

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Symphony for Science, held at Boston's Symphony Hall on Monday, May 23, was a smashing success! Over 600 guests came out to enjoy a night of music and storytelling presented by the Kendall Square Orchestra. It was truly a night to remember!

As part of the program, SCFG's Executive Director Bonnie Bertolaet and Board Chair Alejandra Carvajal presented “The Story of Science Club for Girls” and we were thrilled to have SCFG alumna and Mentor Kaelyn Brown discuss her experience as a participant (having started Science Clubs at 6 years old!) and Mentor with SCFG in a talk titled, “What a STEM Career and Mentorship Mean to Me."

In Kaelyn's speech, she shared what it meant to her to be part of the SCFG community throughout her formative years:

"As I progressed to higher level science and math courses, Science Club continued to influence my confidence and enthusiasm in STEM. As a Black girl attending school in a predominantly white district, this was extremely important. Being surrounded by curious girls and passionate women who also looked like me kept me excited about science, my future and my potential."

That was the thing about SCFG, in a world where I constantly felt as though I had to prove people wrong, prove my intelligence, to prove why I deserved to be in the room, at clubs it was different. Instead with every success, every major milestone, it felt as though I was proving my SCFG community right. I could excel. I was going to be a scientist and a good one at that."

Kaelyn is now pursuing a master’s degree in Clinical and Therapeutic Neuroscience at the University of Oxford, and continues to Mentor younger participants, event from the U.K.

Attendees also enjoyed a special message from Boston Mayor Michelle Wu, and an inspiring keynote presentation by Esther Duflo, 2019 Nobel Laureate for Economics, in which she talked about the critical impact on entire communities of investing in girls' educations.

Watch the special message from Boston's Mayor Michelle Wu:

And the keynote presentation by Esther Duflo:

Thank you to everyone who purchased tickets, volunteered, and sponsored the event in support of Science Club! A special thank you to the Kendall Square Orchestra for planning and hosting such an incredible concert to raise awareness and critical funds to continue the work of transforming the face of STEM.

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