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Remembering Angela Mathew

“Angela was dear to the heart of all of us, and was an exemplary role model and mentor.”

- Connie Chow, former executive director of Science Club for Girls

Angela's Legacy

Angela Mathew was a junior at Harvard College majoring in neurobiology, and was President of Harvard's Mentor Chapter of Science Club for Girls in 2014. She was an incredible role model and leader with a passionate and a vivacious spirit, and left an indelible mark on her peers as well as the young girls she mentored in weekly clubs.


As Science Club for Girls' former executive director Connie Chow shared, Angela was exceptionally committed “to educate, encourage, and give young women and girls the drive to succeed in any and all aspects of their lives, not in spite of being a woman, but because of being a woman."

Angela went above and beyond to recruit other mentors and put her heart into advancing SCFG's mission in many ways during her time as chapter president, even raising money for SCFG through a fashion show with her peers. She truly embodied the spirit of leadership and mentorship at Science Club for Girls, and is deeply missed by all those who knew her and whose lives she touched. 

Angela Matthew.png

In Angela's Words:

”Why SCFG? It has frustrated me to no end that in primary and secondary schools, interest or excellence in STEM related fields has been attributed to male students and professors. The amount of knowledge and experience that women can and do provide to STEM is remarkable and often overlooked, and this phenomena starts at an early age, when science and math are deemed 'uncool' or 'nerdy' by both girls and boys. Science Club For Girls is an alternative route away from this false stereotype that has plagued STEM for decades. Encouraging young girls at an early age to love science, be curious, and take chances is the first step to making this stereotype obsolete.”

We invite you to make a gift in memory of Angela to Science Club for Girls, to support the organization and girls she cared so much about. Your gift will inspire and empower the next generation of young women scientists and change-makers. Thank you. 

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